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Conductores aéreos desnudos  
Cables de aluminio  
Cables de Aluminio Aleación 6201 – CAL  
Cables de Aluminio Desnudo - CA (Serie AWG)  
Cables de Aluminio Desnudo - CA (Serie KCMIL)  
Cables de Aluminio Desnudo con Alma de Acero - CAA (Serie AWG)  
Cables de Aluminio Desnudo con Alma de Acero - CAA (Serie KCMIL)  
Cables de Aluminio con Alma de Acero Extra Fuerte – CAA  
Cables de Aluminio con Alma de Liga de Aluminio - ACAR (Serie AWG)  
Cables de Aluminio con Alma de Liga de Aluminio - ACAR (Serie KCMIL)  
Cables de aluminio de media tensión  
Cables EP-DRY AL 105 - 3,6/6 kV to 20/35 kV  
Cabo EP-DRY AL 105 - 3,6/6 kV e 6/10 kV  
Cable EP-DRY AL 105 - 8,7/15 kV  
Cable EP-DRY AL 105 - 12/20 kV  
Cables EP-DRY AL 105 - 15/25 kV  
Cables EP-DRY AL 105 - 20/35 kV  
Cabo FIPEX ALBF - 3,6/6 kV até 20/35kV  
Cables FIPEX ALBF MT - 3,6/6 kV  
Cabo FIPEX ALBF MT - 6/10 kV  
Cabos FIPEX ALBF MT - 8,7/15 kV  
Cabos FIPEX ALBF MT - 12/20 kV  
Cabos FIPEX ALBF MT - 15 até 25 kV  
Cabos FIPEX ALBF MT - 20/35 kV  
Cables FIPEX TR - 15, 25 y 35 kV  
Cables FIPEX TR - 15kV  
Cables FIPEX TR - 25kV  
Cables FIPEX TR - 35 kV  
Cables de aluminio para baja tensión  
Cables Multiplexados  
Cables Duplex - 0,6/1kV - Serie AWG  
Cables Duplex - 0,6/1kV - Serie Métrica  
Cables Triplex - 0,6/1kV - Serie AWG  
Cables Triplex - 0,6/1kV - Serie Métrica  
Cables Cuadruplex - 0,6/1kV - Serie AWG  
Cables Cuadruplex - 0,6/1kV - Serie Métrica  
Cables Aislados en XLPE - 1 kV  
Cables de Aluminio Aislados en XLPE con Cobertura en PVC- 1 conductor  
Cables de Aluminio Aislados en XLPE con Cobertura en PVC- 2 conductores  
Cables de Aluminio Aislados en XLPE con Cobertura en PVC- 3 conductores  
Cables de Aluminio Aislados en XLPE con Cobertura en PVC- 4 conductores  
Cables de Aluminio Simples Aislados en XLPE sin Cobertura  
Cables de cobre aislados para media tensión  
Cabos FIPEX BF MT - 3,6/6 kV até 20/35kV  
Cables FIPEX BF MT - 3,6/6 kV  
Cables FIPEX BF MT - 6/10 kV  
Cables FIPEX BF MT - 8,7/15 kV  
Cables FIPEX BF MT - 12/20 kV  
Cables FIPEX BF MT - 15/25 kV  
Cables FIPEX BF MT - 20/35 kV  
EP-DRY 105 MT Cables (copper/EPR 105) for rated voltages from 3,6/6 up to 20/35 kV  
EP-DRY 105 AFITOX MV Cables - 3,6/6 kV e 6/10 kV  
EP-DRY 105 MV Cables - 3,6/6 kV e 6/10 kV  
EP-DRY 105 MV Cables - 8,7/15 kV  
EP-DRY 105 MV Cables - 12/20 kV  
EP-DRY 105 MV Cables - 15/25 kV  
EP-DRY 105 MT Cables - 20/35 kV  
Cables de cobre para baja tensión  
Cables con baja emisión de humo y gases tóxicos  
Cables Afitox 750V - BT 450/750V  
Cables Afitox EP90-F 1KV - BT 0.6/1kV  
Cables Afitox SM 1kV - BT 0,6/1kV  
Cables estandarizados para uso general  
Cables Noflam Antillma BWF Flex 750V - BT 450/750V  
Cables Conduflex - BT 300/500 V  
Cables de Cobre Desnudo  
Cables Fiter Flex 1 kV - BT 0.6/1kV  
Cables para inversores de frecuencia  
FIBEP NC-F 0,6/1 kV  
Cables de controle  
Cables de Controle Ficom-F - 500V y 1kV  
Sistemas de cableado LAN  
Categoría 5e  
Essential-5 Conector Plug  
Essential-5 Connector Keystone  
Essential-5 Patch Cord  
Essential-5 Patch Panels  
Essential-5 cable  
Categoría 6  
Essential-6 Conector Keystone  
Essential-6 Conector Plug (macho)  
Essential-6 Patch Cord  
Essential-6 Patch Panels  
Essential-6 cable  
Essential-6+ Cable  
LANmark-6 Conector Snap-In  
LANmark-6 Cabo  
Categoría 6A  
LANmark-6A Cable (International)  
LANmark-6A Patch Cords  
LANmark-6A Snap-In Connector  
LANmark-6A Ultim UniBoot Patch Cords  
LANmark-6A Field Terminable Plug  
Patch Panels Modulares  
Essential Organizadores e Tampa Cega  
Modular Patch Panels for Keystone Connectors  
Patch Panel Modular para Conector Snap-In  
Tomadas Modulares  
Caixa de Superfície  
US Mounting Hardware for Essential  
US Mounting Hardware for LANmark  
Caixas de Consolidação  
LANmark Zone Distribution Boxes  
Voice Panel  
Ferramentas & Acessórios  
Clips Keystone  
LANmark - Latch Protector para Patch Cords UniBoot  
LANmark - Shutters para Snap-In  
Fibra óptica  
Cables de Fibra Óptica  
Essential Fibra Óptica - Tubo Loose (UT)  
Fibre Patch Panels  
Essential Distribuidor Geral Óptico  
Patch Cords  
Essential Patch Cord Óptico OM2  
Essential Patch Cord Óptico OM3  
Essential Patch Cord Óptico OM4  
Essential Patch Cord Óptico SM  
Pigtails & Splicing Materials  
Essential-OF Pigtails - SAM  
Adaptadores e Modulos  
Essential Optical Adapter  
Herramientas de diseño de redes  
Warranty Services  
Aplicaciones Industriales e Especiales  
Marine and Offshore Cables  
Cables de energia y controlo  
Afitox MXP BC or MXP S - 3,6/6kV  
Afitox MXP BC or MXP S - 6/10kV  
Afitox MXP BC or MXP S - 8,7/15kV  
Afitox MXP BC or MXP S - 12/20kV  
Afitox XP Power Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox XPBC Power Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox XPS Power Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox SM Power Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox SM BC Power Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox SM AS Power Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox XP Control Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox XPBC Control Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox XPS Control Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox SM Control Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox SM BC Control Cables 0,6/1kV  
Afitox SM AS Control Cables 0,6/1kV  
Instrumentación, control y cables de comunicación  
Afitox XP BMC 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMC 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMCS 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMCS 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMM 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMM 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMMS 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMMS 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMC 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMC 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMM 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMM 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMCS 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMCS 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMMS 150/250 (300)V (With additional communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMMS 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox XPBC 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox SM BC 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox XP BMIBC 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Afitox SM BMIBC 150/250 (300)V (With no communication pair)  
Solar Cables  
Cables Energyflex  
Cabos Energyflex AL BR 0,6/1kV  
Cable Energyflex BR Afitox 120° (Cu) - 0.6/1 kV  
Wind Energy cables  
Power cables  
Cables sets for wind turbines  
Medium Voltage Jumpers for Wind Application  
Power accessories  
Separable connectors  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface A  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface C  
Cables para equipamiento y maquinaria  
Industry automation cables  
Frequency Inverters  
FIBEP-F VFD 0.6/1kV  
Distribuidores Lan  

Aerospace, Defense & Space  
Operational safety  
Lighter weight and fuel efficiency  
Lighter more reliable and powerful engines  
Need to boost electrical power onboard  
Success stories  
Devoted supporter in satisfying customers’ diverse requirements  
Reliable companion to C919 since the early design stage  
China’s Changhe opts for latest-generation Z series helicopter cables  
Lighter and arc tracking resistant cables for airbus 380 passenger aircraft  
Fire-zone cables resist arc tracking to reduce power malfunction  
Dielectric improvements for greater coax performance  
A high-performance databus cable at reasonable cost  
Hybrid cables for military applications  
Higher data capacity for flight operations and IFE  
Environmental concerns  
Aerospace Products  
Airframe wires & cables  
Cables for power transmission  
Fire-zone and high-temperature area cables  
Coaxial cables  
Databus, quad ethernet and optical fiber  
Customized cables for specific applications  
Airport infrastructures  
Market challenges  
Iluminación de pistas  
Red de comunicación  
Redes de energía / Infraestructura de edificio  
Sistemas de alimentación del avión  
Sistemas de cableado de puente  
Sistemas de gestión de equipajes  
Nuestros éxitos  
Aeropuerto Internacional de Abu Dhabi  
Aeropuerto de Madrid - Sistema Transportador de Equipaje  
Aeropuerto de Pekín - Nueva Terminal 3  
Cairo International Airport  
Dubai Airport T3 C3 extension  
Enfidha Airport terminal building  
Instalación en la Terminal JetBlue del Aeropuerto JFK de Nueva York  
Jeddah King Abdulaziz International Airport  
Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3  
T3 del Aeropuerto Internacional Sheremetyevo de Moscú, Rusia  
Desafíos del mercado  
Las soluciones de Nexans  
Productos y soluciones  
Cables energía BT  
Cables BT libres de halógenos y no propagadores del incendio  
Cables BT resistentes al fuego  
Cables radiantes directos  
Cables para paneles solares  
Cables de ascensor  
Conductores precableados  
Cables BT planos  
Cables Media Tensión  
Cables LAN de cobre  
Cables LAN de fibra óptica  
Soluciones de cableado LAN  
LANmark-6 Conector Snap-In  
Gestión de Infraestructura Inteligente LAN  
Ethernet Industrial y LAN  
Sistemas de red activos y accesorios  
Soluciones FTTB (Fiber To The Building)  
Soluciones FTTH (Fiber To The Home)  
Soluciones FTTH multipunto  
Cables de alarma  
Cables Telereport  
CATV cables  
CCTV cables  
Seguridad contra el fuego  
Incendio: costes y consecuencias  
¿En qué se ven afectados los cables?  
El compromiso de Nexans  
Gama Alsecure®: Cables de protección frente al fuego  
Alsecure® Plus y Alsecure® Premium: Resistencia al fuego  
Hacia edificios sostenibles  
Enjoy your day at work with innovative user-friendly products and solutions  
Nexans added value solutions  
Innovative concepts  
Sustainable Buildings  
Sistemas LAN  
Productos y Soluciones  
Support & Documentation  
Success Stories  
Warranty Information  
Certified Solution Warranty  
Link Warranty  
Your Business Environment  
Broadcast & Media  
Data Centres  
Data Centre Product Portfolio  
Industrial & Harsh Environments  
Industry LAN  
Maritime LAN  
Nexans Certified Trainer Corner  
Nexans Technology Network  
Press Services  
Our Partners  
LANsense Partners  
Technology & Business Partners  
Become a Partner  
Become an Installation Partner  
Trainee Certification  
Company Certification  
Global Activities  
Find a contact  
Noticias de Sistemas LAN  
Current Issues  
Technology Change  
Energy Efficiency  
Bandwidth Demand  
Construcción naval y marina  
Desafíos del mercado  
Coaxial cables  
Degaussing cables  
Energy cables for propulsion  
Instrumentation and control cables  
LV power distribution cables  
Maritime Local Area Networks  
Optical fiber cables  
Sensor measurement and fieldbus cables  
Thin-wall LV cables  
Video gallery  
Fire resistant (IEC 60331)  
Fire retardant (IEC 60332-3)  
Low smoke emission (IEC 61034)  
Supply chain management  
Success stories  
Fincantieri’s Viking Ocean Cruises ships with Safe Return to Port technology  
Meyer Werft’s Norwegian Escape cruise ship with a capacity of 4,200 passengers  
10,500-TEU Container ships  
Future Frigate eXperimental  
Innovative offshore vessels for Arctic environment  
155,000 cbm class LNG Carriers  
New Benetti Classic Supreme 132 Mega-yacht  
Eagle Texas, the world’s first Modular Capture Vessel (MCV)  
BP Quad 204 FPSO and Clair Ridge Platform P/J  
USAN deepwater oilfield – Nigeria  
OFON Phase 2 – Nigeria  
H2148 Drillship  
Flexibility, lightness and operational efficiency  
Passenger cruise experience  
Communication cables  
Fire resistant cables  
Instrumentation & control cables  
Medium voltage cables & accessories  
Power & control cables  
Plataformas petrolíferas  
IEEE 45 Type P/ UL 1309  
NEK 606  
Market challenges  
Products & Services  
ASI-bus cables  
Control cables  
Encoder cables  
Hybrid cables  
Power cables  
Profibus cables  
Profinet / Industrial Ethernet cables  
Robotic cables  
Sensor cables  
Unshielded power cables  
Video gallery  
Testing the cables under real life conditions  
The best solutions for robotics and industrial applications  
Petróleo, Gas y Petroquímica  
Offshore subsea  
Market challenges  
Nexans' answers  
Products and solutions  
Accessories and custom software  
Cables AT de energía submarinos y terrestres/land-based  
Cables de adquisición de datos sísmicos y oceanográficos  
Cables de alta instrumentación, compensación, control y energía  
Cables-sensor ópticos  
Capjet® water-jetting system  
Market challenges  
Nexans' solutions  
The Capjet® system  
Selected references  
Cometa - energy  
Njord – oil & gas  
NorNed - energy  
Ormen Lange – oil & gas  
Riffgat - windfarm  
Sheringham Shoal - windfarm  
Tyra Kraka – oil & gas  
Direct electrical heating (DEH)  
Market challenges  
Nexans' answers  
DEH system  
Success stories  
Ormen Lange  
ICEFLEX™ cables for rigs, platforms and FPSOs  
Redes de área local marítimas y terrestres  
Skagerrak cable-laying vessel  
Transfer lines for liquefied gas  
Ultra-deepwater hybrid cables  
Umbilicales dinámicos ROV  
Success stories  
Campo gasista Mexilhào en Brasil  
Deep Water Cables for 7000m Seawater in the Indian Ocean  
Proyecto Valhall (Power from Shore) de BP en Noruega  
Proyecto de inyeccción de Gas de Umm-Shaif en Abu Dhabi  
Offshore topside & land drilling  
Creating value upstream  
SHIPLINK®- LV/MV power control and instrumentation IEC (NEK 606, BS6883, IEC60092-350 series)  
GEXOL® IEEE 1580 Power, Control and Instrumentation (LV).  
HV power cables and accessories  
Data cables (LAN, fieldbus, coax and fiber)  
Service loops  
Offshore Bridles and Over Water Umbilicals  
Variable Frequency Drive cables  
ICEFLEX® cables  
Onshore - Petrochemical  
Market challenges  
Success stories  
Tüpras – Izmit Refinery project in Turkey  
Dunkirk LNG project  
IKRA project – RusVinyl in Russia  
Algiers refinery project  
Neftochim Burgas Refinery project Bulgaria  
Barzan gaz processing project in Qatar  
Inter Refineries Pipelines (IRP II) project in Ruwais, UAE  
Proyecto de terminal GNL en Yemen  
Integrated Gas Development (IGD) project - Abu Dhabi  
Petrobras COMPERJ complex (Rio de Janeiro)  
Proyecto Pearl GTL en Qatar  
Refinería de petróleo crudo de Dung Quat en Vietnam  
Upgrading of largest refinery in Kenya  
Media Library  
Buque Skagerrak para tendido de cable  
Importante proyecto de desarrollo en el Sudeste Asiático  
LSFH cables, NEK 606: 2009  
OML 58 project, Nigeria  
Proyecto Pearl GTL en Qatar  
Proyecto de instalaciones de inyección de gas, Umm-Shaif, EAU  
Refinería de petróleo crudo, Dung Quat, Vietnam  
Sistema Capjet para zanjas  
Sistema de dragado Spider  
Sistemas de Calefacción Eléctrica entregados por Nexans  
Terminal LNG  
Parques eólicos  
Desafíos del mercado  
Respuestas de Nexans  
Parques eólicos  
Conductores aéreos de media y alta tensión  
Cables de media tensión  
Accesorios de media tensión y alta tensión  
Cables de transmisión alta tensión  
Equipamientos y sistemas auxiliares  
Redes locales (LAN)  
Fiber optic accessories  
Fiber optic data cables  
Software de instalación de cables  
Buques cableros especiales, robots Capjet y dragafondos Spider  
Red de Area Local  
Redes de energía  
Smarter grids  
Smart Grid solutions for Transmission Networks  
Smart Grid solutions for Distribution Networks  
Smart grid products  
Capacity increase solutions  
Reduce your environmental impact  
Solutions for monitoring  
Solutions presenting citizen benefits  
Solutions to enhance Distribution reliability  
Solutions to enhance Transmission reliability  
Solutions to increase and control renewable power  
Smart grids - Documentation  
Submarine High Voltage Cables  
Market Challenges  
Nexans' answers  
Submarine Cables 36-525 kV, technology  
Success stories  
Delma Island  
Koh Samui  
Safanyia land to platform connections  
The Skagerrak projects  
Valhall - Power from Shore  
Reliable Power networks  
Desafíos del mercado  
Respuestas de Nexans  
Redes de energía  
Accesorios de media tensión y alta tensión  
Cable aéreo Media Tensión  
Cables & connectors for transformers  
Cables XLPE de alta tensión  
Cables aereos en….  
Cables de datos y accesorios de fibra óptica  
Cables de energía, control, instrumentación, fieldbus, compensación y coaxiales  
Cables enterrados de baja tensión y accesorios  
Líneas aéreas  
MV underground and submarine cables  
OHL Monitoring systems  
Redes de área local y área amplia  
Software de diseño e instalación de cables  
Superconducting cable systems and fault current limiters  
High Voltage Underground Cable Solutions  
Market challenges  
Nexans answers  
Success stories  
Delma Island: longest XLPE 3 core submarine 132kV cable in one length  
Export cable for Rio Amoya hydroelectric dam in Colombia  
Longest 500 kV underground link between two Shanghai substations  
Nexans provides world’s longest superconductor to LIPA in USA  
State-of-the-art installation for the Abu Dhabi Electrical Authority  
Video gallery  
Aerial transmission network  
Market challenges  
Nexans answers  
Products and solutions  
All Aluminum Alloy Conductors  
Aluminum Conductor Steel Supported  
High Capacity Lo-Sag™: aluminum alloy conductor composite core  
Nexans advanced Aero-Z® design  
Pre-tested fittings and accessories  
Secure Cat-1 line monitoring  
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced  
Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Reinforced  
Lo-Sag™: Aluminum Alloy conductor with composite core  
Nexans advanced Aero-Z® design  
Services - Full life-cycle maintenance  
Redes ferroviarias  
Redes ferroviarias  
Desafíos del mercado  
Respuestas de Nexans  
Products and solutions  
Cables contadores de ejes  
Cables de baliza  
Cables de señalización y control  
Multi-quad cables  
Sistema DUO track  
Cables de fibra óptica  
Cables radiantes  
ODFs y cajas de empalme  
Tecnología de conectorización de fibra  
Cables de energía y componentes  
Accesorios de energía para media y baja tensión  
Cables de energía y alimentación  
Fire retardant or fire resistant Medium-voltage power and feeder cables  
Grounding/earthing cables  
Safety cables  
Urban mass transit  
Market challenges  
Nexans' answers  
Products and solutions  
Medium-voltage power and feeder cables  
Low-voltage power cables  
Power accessories for MV and LV  
Grounding/earthing cables  
Safety cables  
Radiant heating cables and mats  
Signalling and control cables  
Axle counter cables  
Balise cables  
Communications cables  
Optical fiber cables  
Station range cables  
Fiber access routing technology  
ODFs and closures  
Radiating cables  
LIST fire-detection system  
Success stories  
BLS Alptransit - Switzerland  
High Speed Line (HSL) Zuid  
High Speed Lines - Italy  
Odenwaldbahn project - Germany - Deutsche Bahn  
Otogar – Ikitelli LRT Metro project - Turkey  
SRS13 Project - RATP - France  
Transrapid - Shanghai  
Video gallery  
Connecting and terminating cable  
High Speed Line Zuid project  
The DuoTrack solution  
The Incheon railway project in Korea  
The Lötschberg Tunnel  
Transrapid - Shanghai  
Tunnel applications : High Voltage and Low Voltage cables  
Tunnel applications : Telecom and Radio Communication  
Tunnel applications: signalling system cabling  
Tunnel applications: traction power  
Cost-efficient automotive cabling  
Innovation at the core of our products  
Confort y Multimedia  
Control y Seguridad  
Híbridos y avanzados sistemas de propulsión  
Transmisión y Motor Térmico  
Historias de éxito  
Galería de Vídeo  
Instalaciones de pruebas de automotores en Suecia (Grimsas)  
Reciclado: Restricciones del medio ambiente  
Operational excellence and safety  
Reliability, performance and support  
Open cast solutions  
Underground and open cast solutions  
Underground solutions  
Market challenges  
Cabinets for MV connectors  
Cable End of Life Management  
Enhanced MV-AC cable installation  
Fiber optic and data transmission cables  
LANactive Industry solution  
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Services  
MC4 connectors  
MV-AC cables  
PV Array network design optimization  
Photovoltaic cables  
Success stories  
Enbridge Sarnia Solar Farm, Southwestern Ontario, Canada  
Enerparc, Mockritz, Germany  
Schneider Electric, Cellino San Marco, Italy  
Siemens, Les Mées, France  
Solairedirect Esparron-de-Verdon, France  
Port infrastructure  
Market challenges  
Accesorios y software a medida  
Backbones terrestres de fibra óptica  
Cables de adquisición de datos sísmicos (terrestres)  
Communication cables  
Control (room) and power cables  
Earthing wire  
Foundation Fieldbus cables  
HYPRON® lead-free cables  
High-voltage energy cables  
ICEFLEX™ cables  
Instrumentación onshore, cables de compensación, control y energía  
Líneas de transferencia para gas licuado  
Medium and low-voltage energy cables  
Nexans services and training  
Terrestrial Local Area Networks  
Access-road lighting cables  
Alternative Maritime Power (AMP) and PLUG systems  
Flexible PVC or LFH control, power and bus cables  
Flexible hybrid cables  
HYPRON™ cables  
ICEFLEX™ cables  
Intelligent Ethernet switch systems  
Interconnecting components  
LAN/WAN cabling systems  
LV and HV material handling cables for port cranes  
LV and MV power cables  
LV fire-safety cables  
Optical fiber monitoring cables (including subsea)  
Power accessories  
Transfer lines for cryogenic liquefied gas  
VDI, CCTV and VOIP cables  
Rolling stock  
Market challenges  
Communication cables  
Control cables  
Fire resistant cables  
HV loops and accessories  
High temperature flexible power cables  
Hybrid, jumper and high-temperature cables  
Power cables with reduced insulation thickness  
Success stories  
AGC - Bombardier  
BSP EMU - Bombardier  
CRH - Very High Speed Train – CNR  
Francilien suburban train – Bombardier  
Sao Paulo Metro – Hyundai Rotem  
Swing platform-Tramways – PESA  
TGV - Alstom  
Traxx locomotive - Bombardier  
Very High Speed Train (TGV/AGV) – Alstom  
Zefiro 380 - Bombardier Sifang Transportation  
ÖBB railjet - Viaggio Comfort - Siemens  
Video gallery  
Flamex® - Francilien suburban train  
High voltage cabling system  
Wind turbines  
Market challenges  
Accesorios fibra óptica  
Cables 120°C para nacelles  
Cables de control  
Cables de fibra óptica  
Cables para torre en baja tensión  
Cables para torre en media tensión  
Cables sensores y fieldbus  
Conmutador Ethernet para comunicación y monitorización  
Kits especiales  
Cables sets for wind turbines  
Low-voltage connectors  
Low-voltage fixed installation cables  
Medium voltage 180°C singlecore cables  
Medium-voltage connectors  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface A  
Separable connectors and bushings - Interface C  
Medium-voltage fixed installation cables  
Medium-voltage flexible cables  
Medium-voltage jumpers  
Medium Voltage Jumpers for Wind Application  
LV loop rubber cables  
MV loop rubber cables  
LV sets and kits  
LV connectors  
Telecom Networks  
White paper Micro-blown cable  
Fibre networks  
Mobile networks  

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