Nexans first to offer 10 Gigabit copper guarantee

The IEEE 802.3an working group is currently working to define a future 10 Gigabit Ethernet copper application, 10Gbase-T. The aim of this group is to run this super high bandwidth application over 100m, in line with existing structured cabling standards.   Although still in its very early stages, Nexans is in a unique position to offer unequivocal, guaranteed support for this new application.  Using their LANmark-7 cabling system and the Nexans GG45 Category 7 connector technology, Nexans guarantees full support for 10Gbase-T when it finally reaches the market. The heart of this solution is the GG45, the interface recommended by the ISO cabling standards for Category 7 and the only connector capable of backwards compatibility with current RJ45 interfaces.
Mark Rogers, General Manager of Nexans Cabling Solutions based in Brussels commented, “There has been much hype in the industry in recent months regarding 10 Gigabit with a few of our competitors claiming to have 10 Gigabit ready solutions. However when you look closely at the small print these claims are not as clear as they at first seem.  Although the 10 Gig development has not yet even reached its first draft, we are confident that the LANmark-7 solution out-performs al alternative models still under discussion and that we are therefore in a unique position to offer a guarantee of full compliance, without the need for pages of small print – it WILL work on LANmark-7 – full stop!”
Much of the 10 Gigabit discussion has focused on the uncertainty as to whether UTP has the capability to overcome the inherent problems of alien crosstalk when cables are installed in large bundles, but Rogers emphasized the fact the connector is an equally big issue. “The RJ45 has been pushed to its limits with Cat 6 at 250MHz, but for 10 Gigabit we are looking at doubling these frequencies. The only connector available today which is standardised beyond 250MHz and is backwards compatible with RJ45 is the GG45.”      

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