Market challenges

Challenges to Automation

Worldwide, there are well over a million industrial robots in operation, with over 100,000 new robots installed every year, representing some $19 billion annually, if software, peripherals and systems engineering are included.

The automotive industry once led the drive to robotize. However, today, food and beverage producers ; the electrical/electronics industry; chemical, rubber and plastics; and the metal products and machinery industries are continuing to robotize operations.

What drives this growth? Prices for robots have plummeted, and quality has increased. Robots now cost half of what they did in 1990.

Meanwhile, automation systems and process control have radically changed. Today's machines are electronically-driven, and control systems have much improved through Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Distributed Control Systems (forheavy process, large-scale applications), and new PC-based Control Systems.

What robotic and machine tool manufacturers expect of a cable supplier

  • High performance for efficient integration and distributed control
  • Quality, reliability and durability to avoid costly stoppages
  • Availability and fast delivery for production line flexibility
  • Resistance to harsh environments and imperviousness to EMI
  • Safety for personnel, e.g. lead- and cadmium-free,and easy recycling
  • Conformity to international standards, and crossindustry compatibility
  • Excellent service, from testing to support and maintenance

Assembly lines require a complete range of high-performance robotic cables for production efficiency and process control.

MOTIONLINE® reliable and flexible cables

One weak link can interrupt the production chain and delay the delivery of a product resulting in financial loss. To prevent this, Nexans manufactures a full range of MOTIONLINE® reliable, dynamic cables to assure the interconnection, control and process efficiency of robots and flowlines.

Nexans offers a wide scope of cable products for automation under its MOTIONLINE® brand that conform to all major international safety standards, such as German (VDE), Canadian (CSA), American (ANSI) Chinese (CCC) and UL worldwide. We also frequently design and engineer a special cable to deliver the vital combination of high-performance, reliability and long life. This is especially true for custom-made miniaturized installations.

We supply everything from miniaturized control cables to state-of-the-art industrial Profinet cables to bring the office and the production floor closer together. Efficiency begins with an up-front requirement analysis. Then, our Nexans research centers test the cables currently used, and strive to surpass them in terms of performance, durability, chemical and oil-resistance.

This move from benchmarking to theory and then back to practical implementation results in customized designs, modularity and appropriate materials that can fit neatly into the entire production process. Thus, together with the world’s leading robot and industrial equipment manufacturers, we are creating standards to streamline automation worldwide.