Control cables

control cables

  • FLAMEX® control cables are particularly recommended for the wiring of electronic equipment in low voltage applications. 
  • Designed to conform to EN 50306, the control cables are intended for rolling stock applications where weight and space is an issue. 
  • A 125°C conductor temperature is allowed for a 20,000 hours cumulative working time.


Cables Solutions

Control cables
Aplicaciones Industriales e Especiales/Rolling stock cables/Special cables

Nexans provides a wide range of single or multi-core or multi-pair control cables (with or without shielding) to ensure all command and surveillance functions, like doors and lighting , air conditioning and electrical cabinets in the passenger cars, and for controlling converters, transformers, brakes systems, and the commands functions of the driver’s desk.

Nexans products range offers excellent resistance to abrasion, vibration, chemicals, oil, and heat. Durability, high tensile strength for smooth pulling , easy stripping, extra light weight, and the smallest dimensions on the market combined with exceptional fire performance make these products a preferred choice for OEMs and refitters.