Communication cables

communication cables

This range of Multimedia and Data transmission cables meets the current needs of the market especially regarding the interoperability of trains and railway equipment throughout Europe (ERTMS).

  • The cables are adapted for data transmission up to 600 MHz, with performance close to that of Category 7 cables.
  • Nexans’ experience in the design of shielding technology enables us to propose all constructions with high EMC protection: Databus cables for passenger video services/surveillance and vital equipment, coaxial cables for rail traffic management and train control, optical fiber cables to bring high bandwidth for onboard services.

Cables Solutions

Coaxial cables
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With the level of telecommunication requirements increasing drastically onboard, you are looking for a time-proven high-frequency (HF) cable that offers excellent performance to serve a number of requirements: security monitors, passenger information, entertainment, mobile phones, and especially radio-based advanced train management and control ( to meet the challenge of ERTMS and ETCS).

The cables need to endure heat, vibrations, chemicals, fluids, and oils, and meet electromagnetic compatibility requirements, as well delivering high fire-performance. Nexans offers safe, high-capacity coaxial cables, with standard items and customized solution

Bus cables
Aplicaciones Industriales e Especiales/Rolling stock cables/Special cables

While fully meeting data transmission demands, Nexans databus cables also conform to special rolling stock requirements.

These cables are available in pair, multiple-pair or quad constructions. With 1Gbit/s capacity, Twinax and Profibus databus cables can handle all railway protocols used for signalling, management and control, while at the same time delivering the next generation of video services to passengers, like in-seat movies.

Using a specific technology, all these Halogen Free cables are designed for compactness, high flexibility and superior fire performance.

Fibre Optical
Aplicaciones Industriales e Especiales/Rolling stock cables/Special cables

Nexans produces a range of optical fibre cables for onboard communication and data transmission. With a Flamex halogen free insulation and a Flamex halogen free jacket, they conform to the rolling stock requirements.

Optical fiber cables provide the ultimate solution, up to 10Gbit/s.