Innovative concepts


Nexans Innovative Smart Packaging that Facilitates Cabling Work on Electrical Cabinets

Visibox is a transparent packaging for flexible wires with a carefully designed stop wire opening and a handle.

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Nexans fire resistant cables with exceptional mechanical performance makes installation work easier.

ALSECURE® Premium is a range of innovative cables based on INFIT insulation technology. It offers many advantages to installation and post-installation steps.

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Nexans cable unwinding system that will make your work easier.

Nbox is a cardboard box with a plastic reel inside. It can offer a number of advantages during almost each step of your work process

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Nexans innovative product for installers to easily pull wires in conduits.

Filvit is based on optimization of the friction coefficient of wire insulation.It can bring on beneficial changes to installation work.

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Nexans’ innovative handling solution.

Lift&Go is a reel with handle. It can facilitate your handling work.

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Nexans’ smart packaging solution that equals better protection and easier installation of the cables.

Bucket is a plastic white box with cable reel inside and handle. This smart package brings many benefits at every step of your work process.

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Nexans’ smart roller that simplifies your daily work at job site.

A mobile packaging solution that installer can load with cable or wire coils. It offers many advantages to almost all steps of your work flow.

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