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Property Area Node Number 4

Splicing closure WTC0.5 for residential area:
final FTTH drop point for manhole or aerial distribution. Capacity up to 48 splices and up to 24 connectors (SFF). Fully mechanical watertight sealing system with up to 12 cable drops on a single side.
Compact and aesthetic final drop point

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Indoor Transition Box ITB for multidwelling area:
splicing capacity up to 96. 2 Distribution cables – In; 3 Multi-cables ports – Out. Wall-Mounted, Protection Index IP54.
Compact transition point for building and floor distribution

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Cros Plus 1 & 2 for business center and multi-dwelling area:
secure indoor optical connection box. Capacity from 48 to 96 connectors. Equipped with standard cassettes or FiberArtTM for single fiber management. Cable entries either top or bottom. Tube and jumper excess-length management. Protection Index IP54.
Secure demarcation point

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Cros Premium for low density multi-dwelling area or floor distribution:
indoor final distribution point. Capacity up to 12 splices and 12 connectors. Cable entries either top or bottom. Protection Index IP30. A two-key security system for carrier and subscriber. Wall-mounted.
Secure, highly compact demarcation point

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Indoor distribution box DB:
splicing and patching functions. Capacity up to 12 connectors. Fully compatible with micro-ducts. Uncut micro-ducts and microcables in mid-span access. IP 30
Compactness, flexibility

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Pre-terminated versatile subrack KB112:
complete 19” solution for crossconnection, housing factory assembled SC, LC, FC and ST connectors delivered with customer specific length (10 to 300 m) and appropriate cable.
Fast installation, excellent reliability and userfriendly

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Property Area Network

Underground installation

B-Lite UT - fiber-optic micro cables :
drop cable up to 4 fibers with ultimate low diameter. Cable design with low friction jacket to be installed in micro ducts.
For blowing straight all the way to the end users

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Indoor/outdoor ribbon cables:
ribbon HFFR sheathed drop cables with 4 fiber ribbons. The cables incorporate up to 12 fibers and are intended to be installed underground in ducts.
Good mechanical properties and cost- and time- saving splicing with ribbon technology

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Indoor hybrid optical/electrical cables:
low pair count copper cables, CAT3 or CAT5, fitted with a single loose tube with single mode fibers. PVC or HFFR sheath for indoor use.
For highspeed Internet access and Triple Play while maintaining POTS service and guaranteeing security and environmental protection

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Aerial installation

Aerial drop cables:
all-dielectric self-supporting based on circular and figure-8 designs with 2 fibers. Available with factory assembled connectors for preterminated drop access.
Reduced OPEX for progressive deployment of home connections

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Property Node Number 5

Customer Premises Equipement (CPE) for residential and multidwelling areas:
WAN connection 100Base FX built-in O/E converter MT-RJ, SC or LC. Home-networking connection with 4 ports, each 100 Mbit/s for Triple Play and 2 analogue telephone lines. V-LAN and QoS for real-time services support.
Symmetrical 100Mbit/s Fast Ethernet connection

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FiberSwitch for business center area:
fiber-optic uplink according to IEEE802.3u 100BASE-FX with SC, ST, MT-RJ or VF45 dual fiber or single fiber connection. 4 RJ45 User ports. Supports VoIP telephone, wireless access points and terminal equipment connected via RJ45. Power over thernet option.
Optimum for FTT Office connection

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Passive wall-mounted fiber outlet:
up to 4 fibers terminated with SC or LC. Available with factory assembled connectors as pre-terminated solution.
Fast installation and high performance

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