Reliable cables for submerged pumps

“Environmental concerns inspired us to bridge electrical insulation and chemical protection, developing a unique new pump cable.”   


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Double protection

Based on the standard H07RN8-F design specified for immersion, the conductor insulation of these enhanced cables (and not just the sheath) are resistant to mineral oils, acids, chemicals and hydrocarbons.


Survival in dangerous waters

Pumps and other submerged devices are used in a variety of liquid environments: from swimming pools and water treatment plants to contaminated water in underground tunnels, sewage, industrial waste, petrochemicals, and oil and gas. Normally, insulation has a purely electrical function, while the sheath protects insulated wires against corrosive (aggressive) fluids, avoiding electrical breakdown.


Vital pumps for safety

These new cables use an insulation which assures both an electrical function and resistance to oil and other chemical threats, thus protecting vital pumps from short circuits and deterioration. The cable met the request of a major pump and hydraulic system integrator.


A polar/apolar compromise

The NRC (rubber expertise) worked closely with Andrézieux (industrialization) to find a solution. Normally, apolar rubber materials (like EPDM) are good insulators, but swell when exposed to hydrocarbons, while polar materials provide good protection, but are poor insulators. By successive optimization, we were able to meet both electrical and environmental requirements, in particular hydrocarbon resistance. A Nexans supplier of raw materials played a key role in achieving the right characteristics.



This new cable places Nexans at the leading edge for this class of products since there is currently no competing cable on the market. Because it complies with traditional standards, pumps incorporating the cable will be automatically certified. It also conforms to RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substances).