INFIT™ Alsecure® Plus Tel fits right in

“Hopefully, INFIT™ technology will one day be as familiar in the cable world, as INTEL® is in computing.”  


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“Brand new start of it”

After the launch of two fire-resistant energy cables for buildings − Alsecure® Premium FE 180 (Switzerland) and for shipbuilding (France) – Nexans’ Swedish plant has created a brand new telecom alarm cable based on the same INFIT™ technology.


“Start spreading the news”

This low-voltage twisted pair signaling cable allows the integration of a complete fire alarm and evacuation system on one network. Like Alsecure® Premium, it is both fire resistant and fire-retardant. When a fire occurs, its insulation turns into a ceramic shield which assures vital emergency operations.


“Make it there, you’ll make it anywhere”

Alsecure® Plus Tel has opened new markets for alarm cable in Sweden (previously, we supplied only cable for emergency phones). We are now targeting exports to wholesalers, installers and security companies in Finland, Denmark and Norway who appreciate its flexibility, strippability and strength.


“Want to be part of it”

INFIT™ technology was initially co-developed by the NRC (Lyon) and Olex in Australia. We consulted the NRC, and designed, developed and tested this new cable. Importantly, we were able to use the same extrusion line for regular polyethylene and HFFR materials to make a completely new product. As a marketing initiative, we sent one meter of cable to our wholesalers’ customers so that they could examine it physically. The accompanying letter began: “You are holding in your hands, Nexans new Alsecure® Plus Tel cable…”


“It’s up to you”

INFIT™ ceramifiable technology will open the way for other fire-resistant telecom cables, like a 10-pair version which we are now working on.