More fiber in the pipe

“Customer requests for faster, easier installation, is leading us to push ribbon technology to its limits.”  


   Fiber in pipe


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Developed in Sweden to make high-speed broadband available in dense urban areas, a new slotted-core ribbon cable contains an extraordinary 480 optical fibers in one compact cable, saving installation time and offering clear advantages.

A tight, tough fit
In a single cabling process, 60 color-coded 8-fiber ribbons are packed tightly into the 8 slotted cores of a round cable protected by a durable polyethylene jacket. With an outer diameter of only 20 mm, this cable gains a critical 5 mm over traditional 25 mm loose-tube cables.

Ribbon development
Our customers for this product are large telecom operators in countries like Sweden (which has Europe’s highest FTTH penetration), and Hong Kong. Ribbon technology is also common in the US, Japan, Korea, India and Singapore. Meanwhile, scientists at CERN appreciate the cable’s packing density.

Denser, quicker, lighter
Our Swedish unit in Grimsås has had a long history making ever denser slotted-core ribbon cable, acquiring design, process and manufacturing knowhow, in addition to advanced qualification-testing skills. The cable is “dry” which makes it easier to clean and handle. Cutting and stripping is quicker since several fibers can be spliced nearly simultaneously, reducing installation time by some 80%. Because of smaller size, not only can more fibers be installed in the same duct, delivery lengths are longer on smaller and lighter cable drums.

Get to the point with N3S
Point-To-Point (P2P) installation is favored in Sweden over Passive Optical Networks (PON) used in much of the rest of Europe. Our ribbon cable designs, in combination with Nexans N3S optical distribution frames, provide a space-saving solution for both options.