Giving elevators a facelift


“To meet the entertainment, security, installation and operational needs of elevator manufacturers, we used Nexans synergy to create a new and revolutionary flat cable.”

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Captive audience

To avoid the embarrassed silence of long rides, elevator manufacturers wish to incorporate flat screens to deliver text, video and graphics, or even weather, news, stock market reports and ads. Unlike brittle silica optical fibers, Nexans new Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) offers high data speeds over long distances, with installation ease and durability.

Fast imaging

Perfluorinated Graded Index Plastic Optical Fiber, or PF GI-POF, outperforms other plastic optical fibers, allowing wide frequency range and quality Fast Ethernet transmission up to 300 meters. The Nexans patented clip-on connector makes it easy to install, even by non-specialists.

Visible opportunities

A video presence in elevators opens up new opportunities for broadband service providers and advertisers, generating additional revenue for building managers. At the same time, it can help control elevator crime through “active vision” surveillance.

 Innovaction Elevators 2

Rising to the challenge

Pressed by manufacturers, we were asked to find a high-speed, fully-immune optical fiber BUS that was easy to connect. We initially replaced a copper control cable in a flat elevator cable with a POF cable and obtained excellent results. By involving Breitenbach for flat traveling cables, Buizingen for connectors, Cortaillod for the cable and ultraviolet curing to protect the fiber from stress and humidity, and the NRC for theoretical support and optical characterization, we came up with a more complex solution that could operate beyond a 250 meter distance vertically. The customer especially appreciated the rapid clip-on connectors.

Industrial spin-offs

Developed for the special elevator environment, this optical high-speed hybrid bus system will soon be available for other industrial applications.

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