Cable on a hot tin roof: ENERGYFLEX


“Based on dialogue, teamwork, research and market studies, this important new niche product is in keeping with Nexans green commitment and renewable energy philosophy.”

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High-performance photovoltaic cables

To help meet renewable and clean energy objectives, Nexans ENERGYFLEX cable provides a durable, high-performance connection between photovoltaic (PV) panels and the “inverter” which transforms solar power into usable AC electricity.

Missing link

Rooftops are tough environments, often subject to snow and ice and scorching heat. Because home and building-owners want their investment in renewable energy to last, we developed a flexible cable with lifetime reliability (30 years) which can resist temperatures from
-40° to +120° C, ozone threats, and ultraviolet degradation.

Growing market

Germany is the European leader, having 65% of the photovoltaic market. With a strong presence in several European countries, they supply solar module manufacturers, installers, and distributors. The USA (esp. California) is also a key developer. Nexans serves both of these high-growth markets.

Innovaction energyflex illu2Negatives to positives

Faced with appliance manufacturing moving offshore impacting power cord production we needed new high-value markets in Europe. It started with a small photovoltaic sub-contractor with a definite need. Then we drew up a list of prime manufacturers, assemblers and distributors, met them personally, did a market study and attended the Intersolar Trade Fair (Munich). R&D (NRC in Lyon) was asked to benchmark competitive products, and do better. They developed a product that surpassed current directives!

Added benefits

ENERGYFLEX is halogen-free for enhanced roof-top fire security, easily strippable for fast installation, and recyclable in accordance with new environmental regulations. It has already received TUV-approval, the German EU-standard testing laboratories. Photovoltaic-generated electricity will soon achieve grid parity in many parts of the world.


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