A palatable pallet for customers

  “Rather than pass the buck to freight carriers about damaged shipments, we acted in-house and came up with a simple packaging solution that met high customer expectations.”
InnovAction 17 pallet 
Damaged on skid row
Customer complaints in the US regarding product damage caused by poorly stacked skids (pallets) and freight carrier negligence led to a new packaging tray design. These simple, two-piece, cardboard platforms stabilize loads and prevent boxes from shifting while in transit.
 pallet 2 Adjustable and recyclable
35% of Number of Problem Reports were caused by uneven weight distribution, especially when skids were top loaded. Often, the bottom boxes slid into the openings between the slats, forcing the middle of the skid to collapse inward. The pallet trays can be adjusted to load size with a simple touch of the hand.
A win-win solution
The pallet packers’ job is made easier; sales people and freight handlers are no longer blamed for damage; and customers are pleased to get orders intact, which adds value to our brand and reputation.

Team with a purpose
Our team systematically reviewed damage photos, analyzed customer complaints, and listened to shipper suggestions. We considered alternative solutions, from larger skids to one to four-piece trays. One-piece trays could not handle different sized boxes and had to be entirely recycled if damaged; too many tray pieces were difficult to shrink-wrap.
Ideal compromise
The two-piece tray was the ideal compromise for both top and bottom. The overlap portion meant that they could be easily adjusted to fit all box sizes. If one piece is hurt, the entire tray does not have to be replaced, thus eliminating excessive recycling.