Enhanced MV-AC cable installation

  • installationOperators are looking for CAPEX savings and are therefore increasingly burying MV-AC cables (up to 60kV) to link Solar Farms to the MV network to meet environmental concerns and climatic conditions.
  • Nexans new direct-buried cables are laid directly in the trench and then immediately buried, thus saving time and cost
  • Project owners want to reduce CAPEX & OPEX while ensuring long-term cable system security. Nexans contributes through :
    • Eliminating in-line joints with point-to-point circuits with long-length single core cables
    • innovative installation methods, enabling the 3x1 core cables to be continuously laid together with the fiber optic and earthing cables.
  • Our unique one-step cable installation solution reduces the number of drums, jointing sections and joints and on-site installation days.

Cable drums, accessories and junction boxes are all managed logistically as a single system.