Market challenges


After several years of double digit figures, wind turbine manufacturing is continuing to adapt to slower growth in Europe, although long-term perspectives are positive, driven by China and emerging markets.

As a wind turbine manufacturer or supplier, you want to build larger, lighter wind turbines to assure high energy output and consistent, reliable operation. That means new materials, lightweight cables, and better connectivity. To solve evolving challenges, you expect co-engineering, sound technical advice, pre-testing and easy-to-install kits.

To ensure growth, you are especially looking for cost-cutting innovations, supply chain excellence, fast delivery, and a local presence on the ground in what has now become a global industry.

What you expect from a cable producer: 

  • A complete range of quality wind turbine cables and accessories 
  • Light, flexible cables that can handle torque, temperatures, oil, heat, vibration 
  • Technical innovation that keeps pace with the wind industry 
  • Customized products and services, including supply chain 
  • Integrated cable solutions: pre-cuts, kits, interconnectivity, accessories 
  • Easy assembly and installation, low failure rate, and exceptional durability 
  • Worldwide presence and expertise ensuring steady supply for your international projects 
  • Implementation assistance, cost-reduction, joint production planning 
  • Design engineering for critical areas, testing (temperature, stress, flexibility)

Rather than just provide cables and components, Nexans’ widely-recognized WINDLINK® solutions can outfit a complete wind turbine, assuring that all elements are fully interoperable and compatible. When we develop new products, like light aluminum or high-temperature energy cables, we do tests with connectors and power accessories under live conditions and mechanical stress to ensure compatibility and durability as an entire system.

We produce every cable in the nacelle, tower and base: from connection cables for generators, loop cables and fixed installation cables… to sensor, control, Fieldbus, Profibus, and optical fiber cables, including all connectors, accessories and medium-voltage jumpers, harnesses and kits. Moreover, we manufacture active equipment, like intelligent Ethernet switches that can consolidate diverse applications: monitoring, IP telephone, IP camera surveillance, diagnostics, tower access and climate control…all on one fiber via Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs). 

Nexans has a proven reputation for cable reliability and technical expertise, and substantial production capacity worldwide to assure OEMs of product availability, especially in emerging markets. High-quality cables and components keep wind parks operating, avoiding power losses and costly shutdowns. That’s why we offer reliability, confidence and security based on our wide experience in parallel fields, like automation, material handling, and offshore installations.

WINDLINK®, a wide range of reliable cable solutions for quality and performance 

  • World supplier of all cables for wind turbines 
  • Innovative and customized wind power solutions 
  • Pre-engineering and special kits for easy end-assembly 
  • On-Time-In-Full (OTIF) delivery through advanced logistics 
  • Fire performance and protection through halogen-free insulation and sheaths 
  • Technical and R&D support for total life management 
  • International certification including UL/CSA, standardization and interconnectivity