The Capjet® system

Capjet-løsningenThe Capjet system was developed as a diver-operated system in 1976, and acquired by Nexans in 1987. The Capjet® 1MW system, using a 1.1 MW underwater power supply, was developed in 1991. The system has been subsequently enhanced with special features for flexible and steel pipelines, umbilicals and power cables, seismic cables and rock-cutting modules, as well as equipment for covering and surveying for final documentation (pipetracker, multibeam etc.)

The Capjet® system is based on the principle of fluidizing seabed sediments and using water-jetting for both propulsion and trenching. The craft is not attached to the product to be protected and so presents no risk to the cable or pipeline, but simply tracks along them. Trenching operations can be started and stopped anywhere along the route. Natural backfilling by seabed sediments takes place as the trenching progresses.

The trenching units have a specially designed LARS-system (Launch and Recovery System) to allow safe and efficient operation from the ship. Nexans has three identical Capjet® systems with control systems, each of which can be equipped with the tools we have developed.