Nexans' solutions

Capjet - Nexans' løsningerTo meet the need for protection and to eliminate risk of damage from the machine itself, Nexans has developed the world's first deepwater, remote-controlled, water-jet trenching system, Capjet®.

Capjet has high-volume trenching capacity and per January 2014 Capjet can boast of a reference list of 7600 km of cables, umbilicals and pipelines.

Capjet® is ideal for:

  • renewable energy such as windfarms, for protecting export power cables and power cables between the turbines
  • infrastructure for the electricity industry, for protecting subsea interconnectors
  • the oil & gas industry, for protecting pipelines and umbilicals
  • optical fiber communications cables and permanently installed seismic cables.

The equipment used for the protection and safeguarding work is a Capjet 1MW, which can also be used for covering cables/pipelines and backfilling, where required. Capjet provides a stable instrument platform and no other equipment needs to be mobilized for final installation. It is equipped with its own LARS (Launch and Recovery System).