Future Frigate eXperimental

Future Frigate eXperimental

Future Frigate eXperimentalProject description

  • The 2,300 tonne frigate, measuring 114m long, 14m wide and 25m deep, can sail at 30 knots with a crew of 120
  • Delivered to the Korean Navy in 2014.

Customer challenges

  • Greatly improve overall capabilities compared to previous classes of frigates
  • Highly compact, flexible and efficient cables which can handle complex Combat Management and Information systems, including 3-D radar, anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, and sonar and torpedo counter measures.

Nexans solutions

  • A variety of cables based on MIL DTL2460, 2463 and VG 95218 specifications
  • Local production of MIL 24640 cables
  • Korean Register (KR) certification for naval vessels.