High Capacity Lo-Sag™: aluminum alloy conductor composite core

High Capacity Lo-Sag™: aluminum alloy conductor composite coreAn innovative lighter conductor designed with

  • outer layers in thermal aluminum alloy Z shaped wires and
  • central core of composite fibers.

It offers a compact design, well balanced high tensile strength, good internal protection, low linear expansion coefficient carbon fibers in epoxy matrix acting as the core, which can withstand temperatures up to 180°C (according to overload duration) with extremely low sag and no galvanic corrosion of the core, and high breaking load (i.e. longer spans between distant pylons).

High Capacity Lo-Sag™ is a unique, high-value replacement technology for any overhead conductor. A state-of-the-art conductor, this composite system allows longer spans, reducing the number of towers/structures in the landscape and significantly lowering the height (and cost) of towers when spanning broad rivers. Under overloaded conditions, it allows more reliability and security (low sag).