Databus, quad ethernet and optical fiber

Databus, quad ethernet and optical fiberDatabus, Quad Ethernet and Optical fibers are meeting the ever-increasing demand from aircraft manufacturers for enhanced data-handling capacity. In addition to avionics, these cables serve various in-flight entertainment and communication needs. To increase data volume without increasing space requirements or weight, Nexans has optimized shielding and armoring to reduce weight by 20-60%, and offer solutions based on optical fiber.

Databus, Quad Ethernet and OF

  • Instrumentation and avionics
  • Satellite communications
  • Multimedia and in-flight entertainment


  • Silver-plated, copper, copper-alloy, copper-clad steel/aluminum
  • Aerated fluoropolymer, PTFE extruded with wrapped insulation
  • Single or double screen (braids, tapes, etc.)
  • Optical fiber: robust, fluid-resistant, rated at 125°C


  • Databus: MIL-DTL-17, 1553B, EN3375 (WJ,WV,WX,WW), ASNE0811 WY, ASNE (XM), ABS 0386 WF, ECS0758 KF, ASNE0849 HJ, PAN 6421
  • Quad: ABS 1503 KD, EN 3375 KL (light-weight).
  • Optical cable: ABS 0963