Siemens, Les Mées, France

Siemens, Les Mées, France


Siemens, Les Mées, FranceProject description

  • Construction in 2011 of a 66 square hectares photovoltaic plant by Siemens on the “Plateau de la colle des Mées” in southeastern France
  • 110,000 solar panels supplying 12,100 households with power through 650 km of cables

Customer challenges

  • Turnkey contract
  • Meeting delivery deadlines
  • Reliable installation
  • Technical expertise
  • Difficult access: logistics management
Siemens, Les Mées, France

Nexans solutions

  • Very fast manufacturing
  • Nexans: a true partner with comprehensive KEYLIOS™offer, manufacturing plant visits to answer Siemens’ questions and expectations
  • Photovoltaic ENERGYFLEX ONE STRIPE™: quick phase identification saving time along with UV-resistant low-voltage cables
  • Logistics: streamlined drum packaging, alerts on cable handling procedures resources, provision of unloading resources during deliveries
  • Return of unused cables