Enbridge Sarnia Solar Farm, Southwestern Ontario, Canada

Enbridge Sarnia Solar Farm


Enbridge Sarnia Solar FarmProject description

  • Construction of a 380 square hectares photovoltaic facility by Enbridge and First Solar in Sarnia, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
  • 330,000 solar panels, 80 MW of output supplying 12,800 homes through 150 km of cables

Customer challenges

  • Canada’s largest solar farm
  • Canadian cable was specified, resistant to harsh climate conditions
  • Extremely tight time constraint: 2-month delivery deadline requested
  • Turnkey contract
Enbridge Sarnia Solar Farm

Nexans solutions

  • KEYLIOS™ range including medium-voltage cables and RWU building wire cables, resistant to sunlight and low temperatures
  • For several weeks, Nexans dedicated most of its production capacity to this project in order to produce and deliver the long-length reels of cable on time
  • Through constant communications, Nexans and its distributor-partner successfully met the delivery schedules to satisfy customer requirements