Longest in the world

DEH Tyrihans w510

Nexans DEH Tyrihans 2 w120 Project description:

  • Tyrihans is tied back to the Kristin A floating platform in the Norwegian Sea, about 200 km west of Sandnessjøen. The field is operated by Statoil.
  • The world’s longest DEH-equipped pipeline, installed in 2007-2008.   

Challenges of the project:

  • The largest and longest pipeline with DEH ever, 18 inches/44 km, involved unique challenges in terms of cable design.
  • Highest voltage for DEH ever, 52 kV.
  • Stricter requirements for mechanical stress on the cable (trawling and pipe movements).
  • New installation methodology in DEH context (S-lay).

Nexans DEH Tyrihans 1 w120 Nexans' solution:
  • Qualified XLPE insulation for 52 kV with wet design (cannot use metallic screen for DEH).
  • Coaxial design for DEH Riser Cable and Armoured Feeder Cable (patented lower loss solution).
  • Semi-conducting sheath system for Piggyback Cable for handling charging currents.
  • New method for connecting coaxial cable to pipeline (patented solution).
  • First field with continuous monitoring system integrated into Piggyback Cable (patented solution).
  • External trawl protection for Piggyback Cable; Mechanical Protection System (patented solution in cooperation with Statoil).