Market challenges

Nexans DEH Åsgard MF-utfordringer sirkel w250Offshore oil installations typically have multiple wells tied back to a single platform, centrally located between the wells.

The oil/gas exits the well at high temperature and pressure, and must be kept warm. Pipelines are therefore thermally insulated to ensure flow during normal production.

Prevent plug formation and deposits

There can be many kilometres between the well and the platform, leading to heat loss in the oil/gas. In the event of production shut-down, the product in the pipeline will cool over time. This can lead to formation of plugs when the temperature drops below a critical level. Direct electrical heating (DEH) is a complete technical solution for heating pipelines, avoiding the possible plug formation.

Fluid from certain wells may cause wax deposits on the pipe wall. This problem can also be prevented by use of DEH technology.

What the market expects of us

  • Robust and durable solutions to safeguard continuous operations
  • Eco-friendly solutions
  • Cutting-edge, cost-effective technology