Services - Full life-cycle maintenance

To protect the value of your HV fluid-filled cable network

MaintenanceAs grids continue to expand and evolve, several cable types co-exist in a complex transmission network : paper-insulated, fluid filled cables, mass-impregnated, as well as cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cables. A a manufacturer of both cable types, we also offer the best solution for combining and integrating oil-filled and XLPE cables in one network.


You want your network to survive well beyond its projected life-span without compromising safety, quality of service and power availability.


That is why Nexans has developed a full maintenance package that meets your long-term expectations. As an active manufacturer of traditional fluid-filled cables and accessories and latest-generation HV cables, only Nexans can provide Through-Life Support.


Our services package for fluid-filled cable networks comprises :

  • A rapid-response service with free hotline to reach our on-call staff (and not a call center)
  • A Premium Hotline Service is available 24/7 if full round-the-clock coverage is needed
  • Life Cycle Management
  • Advanced testing and simulation
  • Training in both old and new cable and accessory technology
  • Environmentally safe oil draining, dismantling and recycling


This modular service is available in 5 core European countries with extensive fluid-filled cables in their networks : France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Norway. With our global manufacturing presence we can also provide fluid-filled cables, accessories, maintenance and upgrades to other European countries as well as the Middle East, North and South America, Australia and Southeast Asia.