Open cast solutions

Reeling cablesReeling cables

  • Similar to material handling cables, but larger (≤185 mm2), these flexible cables can endure truck tire impact and high mechanical stress over long distances (10-12 km) between power stations and excavators, dumpers, mobile crushers.
  • A torsion braid surrounded by a tough compound in the other sheath prevents a “corkscrew” effect.

Nexans has delivered up to 7 km per drum of reeling cable with integrated optical fiber for the conveyer bridge of the biggest coal mine in Germany (Vattenfall).

Trailing cablesTrailing cables

  • Attached to mobile machines, they trail behind machines when they move.
  • Applications include continuous miners, shuttle cars, bucket wheel excavators, electric shovels and draglines.
  • To provide 36 kV power along conveyer belts, these flexible cables are designed with a double sheath and with optimized wall thicknesses which allow them to handle the vibration and mechanical stress of moving applications.

22 km of 185 mm2 trailing cables with a cold flexible outer sheath were delivered to a German open cast mine on drums of 1,000 m of cable each.

Waterproof cablesWaterproof cables

  • Waterproof trailing cables are used between the power station and pontoon-mounted diggers, dredgers, floating docks, etc.
  • They can be used in slop, salt and brackish water or in water-laden open cast mines.

To minimize the environmental impact of runoff streams and metal-laden wastewater, these cables are widely used in German water treatment plants, and in a South African open cast gravel pit.

Dragline cablesDragline cables

  • To meet the enormous electrical power needs (typically 6.6, but increasingly 22 kV) of giant dragline excavators, Nexans (Olex Australia) has developed a flexible dragline cable with exceptional abrasion resistance and toughness.

Ten lengths of 305 m long 22 kV dragline cables were supplied to the Peak Downs Mine in central Queensland, while similar sets outfit mines at Ensham and Curragh in the same region. Dragline cables are also used by Hunter Valley #2 and others in New South Wales.


These cables are part of our POWERMINE™ solutions designed by Nexans to respond to the very demanding expectations of the mining market.