Medium-voltage flexible cables

  • Medium-voltage flexible cablesAvailable in light, flexible and compact rubber versions for large turbines (2.5−8 MW), these 1-, 3-, or 4-core cables can withstand three full twists in either direction.
  • These cables can use standard connectors, and therefore save time and money.


These cables are part of our Windlink® solutions designed by Nexans to respond the very demanding expectations of the wind turbine market.

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Power cables
Industrial and Special Applications /Wind Energy cables

Low-voltage cables

LV trailing cables 0,6/1 kV in two sheath design is designed for special application condition in wind turbines. The construction is torsion resistance by free hanging max. 100 m. The cables are specified for medium mechanical stress and for operation under permanent influence of seawater and outdoor usage.

Medium-voltage cables

  • Onshore underground single-core cables (typically 33 kV) connect the rows of wind turbines and, in parallel, links them to an onshore substation
  • Offshore cost-efficientsubmarine 3-core copper cables with integrated fiber optic elements and customized armor designs to link the turbines.

 High-voltage cables for transmission

  • Onshore AC transmission: cables ranging from 60 kV to 500 kV, XLPE insulated, are used for power transmission from the onshore windpark substa...
Power cables
Industrial and Special Applications /Rolling stock cables

Nexans provides a full range of rolling stock power cables used in many applications to equip the power circuit in locomotives and cars (high speed train ; intercity train, metro , tramways etc…).
Operating voltage is ranking from 500 V to 6 kV and cross section from 0.5 to 400 mm2.

All cables meet strict technical requirements in terms of following performances:

  • Electrical (Temperature class, insulation resistance, conductor linear resistance)
  • Mechanicals properties (resistance to cut, abrasion, tearing resistance)
  • Environmental (oil, gasoil, ambient temperature, life time), (anti gasoil)
  • Fire (low-smoke and toxicity, flame and fire propagation, continuous operation in case of fire)
  • High flexibility (class 5) and easy-to-install in the compac...