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Safer and greener cable solutions

Nexans' answersNexans offers a comprehensive range of innovative cable solutions to ensure the safety and environmental-friendliness of today's buildings.

  • Residential: In addition to standard cables, Nexans provides a full choice of specialized cables and network solutions to meet the growing demands of the information-rich modern home, while providing new levels of security and comfort.
  • Public and Office Buildings: Nexans works closely with builders and installers to identify needs for specific building types, and new functions, like Data Centers, Security Services and Storage Area Networks (SANs). In some cases this involves upgrading to higher grade copper and optical fiber cables and active and passive equipment, and in others, the merging of multifunctional applications (e.g. Voice and Video-Over-IP) on an enhanced LAN system.
  • Industrial Buildings: With Ethernet rapidly becoming a common factory platform, connecting machines, robots and equipment on the factory floor with the front/back office, Nexans has developed a number of industrial solutions, including open standards and architectures and Industrial Ethernet. Fire-safety cables protect both people and plant infrastructure. Industrial cables are environmentally-friendly (low EMI) and are fully recyclable.