Market challenges

The building market...

building Market challenge New residential housing is often stimulated by lower mortgage rates, cheaper materials and the availability of labor, while the construction of new offices, public buildings and industrial plants is often influenced by strategic corporate investment and government economic policy. The dynamism of emerging countries may soon account for 48% of the building market worldwide.


Cabling trends


Whatever the rate of construction, a number of trends are clearly emerging among our cable customers, often expressed in new expectations and demands.
As a builder, promoter, designer, installer, or system integrator of residential, public and office buildings, or industrial plants, you would like to see:

  • Safety: especially in terms of fire-performance to protect people and the building, itself
  • Sustainability: energy-efficiency, health and comfort, low environmental impact
  • Fast installation: pre-assembled systems, convenient reels, and smart packaging
  • More bandwidth: for home entertainment, business and factory applications
  • Integrated solutions: for technologies (energy/data, copper/fiber) and systems

To answer these challenges, Nexans provides a complete range of cables and accessories for all of your building infrastructures.