Success stories

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success stories


success stories 1Singlecore cables

Nexans provides 105°C class cables to first-tier suppliers Lear Corporation and SEWS-Cabind, while supplying PVC cables for Dacia/Renault’s Logan in Romania, Morocco and Russia, and high-temperature cables for Daimler Trucks.

Multicore cables

Cables used by many truck manufacturers have a double insulation (instead of corrugated tubes) to provide enhanced vibration resistance and to meet ADR (hazardous goods transport) regulations.

Battery cables

Heavy-duty double-insulated battery cables are provided to Delphi and Durapart industries AS for Volvo. Halogen-free solutions are available for class B to D categories.

success stories 2Sensor wires

We are primarily supplying ABS wires for the truck market, including the main players, such as Daimler Trucks, Scania and Volvo.

Hybrid and electrical car, bus and truck cables

Nexans has provided different solutions for prototypes of new hybrid/electrical vehicles, and is participating in various projects with European and Asian OEMs.

Cables for driver systems

A growing trend among French OEMs, our coaxial cables are currently being used on Volkswagen cars, as well.

High-temperature cables

Nexans supplies first-tier suppliers such as Bosch and Delphi with PTFE insulated wires which are used by all major OEMs. A halogen-free, fire-resistant (HFFR) insulation has now been developed for class D applications (up to 150°C) for both singlecore and multicore.