The time has come to move beyond te backbone

Whether you call it the first or last kilometer/mile, the local loop, or the access network, the last part of the telecom network is its most primitive link. However, it must be spanned if you are to:

  • deliver true broadband to residential and business customers who are clamoring for triple-play services (broadband, telephone, TV), in addition to wireless access (quadruple play)
  • reduce the social divide by closing the digital divide, thus giving individuals, businesses and communities a chance to expand opportunities for work and leisure.

The time has come to cost-effectively reach the individual customer or company by bridging that last critical gap.


Nexans FTTx cables and solutions give you a number of benefits:

  • One point of contact for all of your needs
  • Fully terrain-tested cables and components
  • Broader range of services over fewer connections, with less equipment
  • State-of-the-art nodes and networks optimized for speed
  • Future-proof fiber, the ultimate broadband solution
  • Infrastructure to perfectly match your topography
  • Local presence for better services
  • Research Centers for new materials, designs, installation techniques
  • Mastery of European and world standards
  • Halogen-Free Fire-Resistant (HFFR) material for fire safety

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