Power cables and components

High Voltage and Medium Voltage feeder cables  Power and feeder cables

  • HV and MV feeder cables ( between 110 and 220 kV for HV, and 6/10, 12/20 or 18/30 kV for MV, depending on country) carry power to and from substations along railways and metro lines.
  • Special solutions include Ethylene Propylene Rubber or Silicone insulations for flexibility, and special XLPE insulations that can withstand water, oil, heat, stress and extreme temperatures, while meeting Low Fire Hazard (LFH) cable requirements thanks to newest developed sheathing compounds.
  • New designs offer non-hygroscopic characteristics, direct burial for underground-to-surface transitions

Nexans is upgrading MV cables for the London Underground to satisfy the power needs of new vehicles. We power subway systems in Paris, Berlin and Hamburg, and the MAGLEV Transrapid in Shanghai. Recent successes include Athens, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Santiago, and Istanbul, where we provided 200 km of 35 KV LFH cables.

Product leaflet : LV, MV and HV energy and feeder cables

Power cables and accessories for medium and low voltage  Power accessories for MV and LV

  • For normal 50Hz transport and distribution, the normal range of High, Medium and Low voltage cables and components can apply, exactly with the same requirements as in the Power Networks.
  • Nexans produces medium-voltage accessories, such as joints and terminations, plug-in connectors and bushings, as well as low-voltage cabinets for aerial and underground applications.

Nexans has delivered MV and LV connectivity for subways, suburban express lines, and tramways in France and Germany, and supplied cable joints for Shanghai’s state-of-the-art Transrapid

 Product leaflet : HV and MV power accessories

Grounding/earthing cables

  • Nexans manufactures low voltage cables for grounding purposes in many different sizes, insulation types and fire behavior specifications.

For major railway operators, Nexans has developed a wide range of earthing cables.

Safety cables Safety cable 

  • These cables can still be PVC insulated for tramways, and generally are halogen-free, low smoke and fire-retardant for subways.
  • They are mainly used for traction, station equipment (lighting, escalator, automatic doors) and tunnels (ventilation).
  • Cables for emergency equipment are also fire-resistant for circuit integrity, e.g. to keep alarms and essential services operating during a fire.
  • High requirements for fire retardancy or even fire resistance are met by several product ranges of low-voltage cables in different sizes under various brand names, like Alsecure Premium®, e.g. core ceramifiable cables.

Nexans supplies armored safety cables under a longstanding contract with France’s RATP, operator of the Paris Metro, as well as the London Underground.


Fire retardant or fire resistant Medium-voltage power and feeder cables

  • In  Metro projects, more and more MV feeder cables are now requested with improved Fire Retardancy (Acc. To IEC 60332-3-22 Cat A or B) or even with some guarantees of service continuity during fire, thus based upon IEC 60331, but with application of the operation voltage.

Nexans has supplied fire resisting MV cables for the subways of Amsterdam and Budapest. Technologies based upon mica protection tapes or silicon insulation can apply, depending upon precise electrical and environmental requirements.