xDSL Market Challenges

Extending the performance of your copper infrastructure

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technologies use sophisticated modulation schemes to bring high bandwidth information to homes and small businesses over ordinary copper telephone lines.

Not only does this prolong the life of traditional PSTN infrastructure, but it enables the deployment of new offerings such as High Speed Data & Video as complementary valueadded services to Plain Old Telephone Service.

Whether you are a new or an incumbent operator, an Internet service provider or a telecom equipment manufacturer, you have sound reasons to upgrade your systems and provide a wider offer of attractive services.

However, you also have some key concerns: you wish to deploy quickly to gain market share; you want to lower capital and operating expenditure; you need to be able to upgrade to higher speeds; and finally, you want to anticipate the needs of customers and create a vision of broadband for the future.

xSL market challenges


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