Premium copper cables

up to 30 MHz from 25 to 1,200 pairs, largely used for new deployments.

Minimal attenuation and cross talk; and higher data rates.

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Telecom/Telephone cables/Outdoor Cabling

With the appearance xDSL technology, that uses the existent copper cables, became possible the high-speed data communications in the subscriber lines. The xDSL technologies offer advantages as the reduced investment, since it uses the existent metallic nets as transmission. For use of those nets, systems were developed with bandwidth that is going from some kHz to dozens of MHz.

However, as the existent metallic nets have been used mainly for voice services, with bandwidth from 0 to 4 kHz, many problems already begin to appear, as the line qualification needs for the broadband sign and minimization crosstalk interference.

Another aspect is that the existent metallic cables were projected to operate 100% in frequencies up to 1MHz, once they were for voice transmission. Therefore with the operation frequency increase, the cables are not 100% reliable. The studies show that for current transmission taxes in ADSL, only 30 to 40% of the cables can be used, and dependin...