Feeding copper cables

Multi-pair or multi-quads up to 4,800 pairs for ducts and burial application.

Allows one to use existing cables for xDSL applications.

Related products and solutions

Copper long distance cables
Telecom/Telephone cables/Outdoor Cabling

These cables take place on primary and secondary networks, connecting telecom provider to the access networks.

Nexans Brazil has a full range of copper cables for underground and aerial (self-supported or lashed) installations, meeting the customer demand for multimedia, internet, VoIP, and other telecom protocols.


  • Compromise with the quality:

    To guarantee the quality and reliability of the products, all material produced is monitored and tested. The quality control criterion is rigorous, and it attends all of the existent norms requirements.


  • Exceptional product performance:

    The Nexans production process facilitates the incorporation of new technologies in real time, monitoring this evolution in each cables production process step, providing the customers the best relationship cost/benefit of each product with an exceptional performance.