Low-voltage kits

  • Low-voltage sets and kitsTo facilitate assembly, Nexans provides pre-connectorized kits which bundle energy, control and data cables for wind turbine electronics.
  • Cut-to-length, pre-connectorized, all-power cables are supplied to tower manufacturers for generator-to-switchgear-to-main-powerline links.

Nordex appreciates the consolidation of several cable types into a single purchase.

These cables are part of our Windlink® solutions designed by Nexans to respond the very demanding expectations of the wind turbine market.

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Power cables
Power Generation/Wind Energy cables

This flexible medium voltage cable is specially designed for Wind  Turbines supplied with specific terminals following particular cable and phase’s lengths as pre-determined to fit the accessories and with reinforced construction to use in free suspension and subjected to a torsion efforts and in accordance to the tower capacity and height project.


Accordance to the project of the windtower, the cables can be supplied as a harness unit, fitted at both ends, at the transformer side and at the switchgear side with pre-mounted terminals