Digital solutions that incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) networks

Why this solution?

The ULTRACKER service uses the Internet of Things concept on cable reels. This technology allows:

  • Real-time geolocation of the coils and tracking of the route
  • Reducing the risk of theft and loss of coils, with the alarm setting on the computer, tablet or cell phone
  • Real-time access to coil information: cable type, coil type
  • Real-time visibility of remote stock: the platform reports the amount of cable remaining on the coil
  • The cut management of each coil, which can be manual or automatic


Did you know?

Did you know that customers lose an average of 10% of their reel fleet each year and that their project managers spend an average of 5% of their time tracking them?

This represents an average of R $ 600Mil per year for medium-sized operators and represents up to a few million per year for large customers.

Our solution

The ULTRACKER solution is a combination of hardware and software. The tracking device is a hardware installed in the core of the coils, invisible and undetectable from the outside. The tracker is a multi-sensor GPS device associated with a data transmission system (2G to obtain the greatest possible coverage). It is equipped with a battery that can last for several years. The user accesses the data through a digital platform from a computer, tablet or cell phone. The platform is configured by the customer.

How it works?

Manage your fleet

Our solution allows our customers to track their coils and check their movement history, intervention history and being able to avoid losses and better monitor their operations.

Our customers can also use reports to find out which coils are late for returns to Nexans, or which are the slowest at their logistics centers.

Improves inventory visibility

We help our customers to better manage the remaining cable inventory on the reels. The device embedded in the coils calculates the number of revolutions and, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we translate these revolutions into the remaining length of the cable in the coil. This allows our customers to better manage their residual lengths and also know when a coil is empty and ready to be removed or can be used at another construction site.

Prevent theft

With the “ULTRACKER” service, it is possible to program an alarm on the platform that notifies the project manager or supervisor when a coil unexpectedly leaves the construction site or if it is being moved for cutting, for example, outside working hours.

Our platform

The web platform allows our customers to follow:

  • the location of your reels
  • the remaining cable on the spool
  • the history of interventions and movements
  • alerts in case of theft

The mobile application allows our customers, operators or subcontractors:

  • Access the product details on the reel
  • Update cut lengths and history
  • Request a collection of the coils at the end of the work

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