Nexans Sizing System

Nexans developed the 1st system on the market for sizing electrical conductors according to ABNT NBR 5410 and ABNT NBR 14039.

The Nexans Sizing System (SDN) sizes the conductors according to the three existing criteria: technical, economic and environmental, with the technical criterion being mandatory and the economic and environmental criteria being optional. SDN is a free cross-platform application that can be accessed via the WEB, Android and iOS.

You will be able to carry out the dimensioning of electrical cable conductors for low and medium voltage installations. Therefore, just enter the input data requested by the system, choose the type of product you want and follow the step by step. The final result brings a summary of the input data and the result of the technical, economic and environmental dimensioning of the electrical conductor. You can save the study to your own device for later reference or to share with colleagues or clients.

Here are some tips to make your sizing quickly and conveniently using SDN:

1. Enter circuit information: circuit data is the first information entered into the app, which can be saved for future reference or modification.

2. Choose the data for the electrical installation: enter the data for the electrical installation and the type of conductor to be used (copper or aluminum). At this point you indicate the live conductor scheme that is being used in the installation.
3. Select the way to install: the SDN presents all the ways to install an electrical circuit available in ABNT NBR 5410 and ABNT NBR 14039, just select the way to install you want. For example, buried conduit, exposed conduit, or in construction space.
4. Choose the correct cable for the selected way of installing: at this point the SDN presents a great help to the professional, it does not allow the wrong cable to be chosen for your work. For example, if the installation method is an open line, it does not allow an isolated conductor (750 volt conductor) to be selected.
5. Select the dimensioning criteria: the technical criterion, which is presented in the electrical installation standards, is mandatory, it determines the current capacity of the cable and the voltage drop, as well as the other technical parameters of the circuit. The SDN allows two more optional criteria to be selected (not mandatory in Brazilian standardization): the economic criterion and the environmental criterion.
6. Calculation memory: SDN provides calculation memory, with all circuit parameters, which can be saved or emailed. This calculation memory can be used in project documentation.
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