Our strategy

Simplifying our business to amplify our impact

Simplifying our portfolio to serve our strategic customers, and amplifying our solutions of electrification are at the heartof our new strategy...Indeed, by drastic simplification of our portfolio, both in terms of number of customers or products that we manufacture, but als oin terms of countries that we supply, we will be able to better connect to each customer system. By amplifying our solutions of electrification, innovating and answering to the future challenges of this electrified world, together with our clients and partners, we will naturally increase our impact on our markets and for the planet. For sure, the coming decades will be favorable to Nexans for structural, organizational and systemic reasons. Nexans isfully aware of this momentum. Now, more than ever, we know who we are, what we are here for and how we want to do it.

In a rapidly changing world that is increasingly dependent on connectivity, Nexans is well positioned to act on the megatrends which will have an impact on our activities and our customers by 2030. Energy transition, digital revolution, mobility... Seven major trends are creating new challenges for our Group and offering real business opportunities

Nexans CEO - Christopher Guérin
“ Nexans is a major global operational player in the energy transition for a sustainable electrification of the world ”
Christopher Guérin

Our strategy: more than a cable manufacturer, we are an important player in electrification

For the last 120 years, Nexans has played a major role in the world’s electrification. This market represents 65% of the world cable market and is expected to grow by +4.3% per annum over the next 10 years driven by key growth trends: growing energy consumption, demand for sustainable energies, grid modernization and protection. The world is becoming more electric and carbon neutral. Likewise, customer needs are changing from cables to systems and interconnected solutions.

Convinced that remaining a generalist will be more a weakness than a strength, Nexans intends to become a pure electrification player.


Simplify to Amplify

The Group will simplify its business model by moving from 8 macro sectors, representing 34 subsectors, to 4 sectors, representing 12 subsectors. Nexans will become a unique fully integrated player covering the entire electrification value chain: from the very start of production of energy, to transmission and distribution of energy, all the way to usage of energy.

Our purpose: “Electrify the future”

Nexans will position all its operations across the electrification value chain. From Generation and Transmission to Distribution and Usages

  • Generation and Transmission: the Group will enhance its positioning in the Offshore Windfarms and Interconnection markets notably through additional 200 million euros investments, while maintaining a value proposition based on three pillars: i) Risk & project portfolio management, ii) Asset management, and iii) Cutting-edge technology. 


  • In Distribution, Nexans will reinforce its turnkey solutions combining cables and accessories with installation, architecture design, smart systems and asset management. 


  • In Usages, the Group will focus its offer on end-user electrical safety, support to client competitiveness through seamless supply chain for easy to handle and install products, and smart products integrated in a digital ecosystem.

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