Corporate Social Responsability


The Group works responsibly every day to respond to the main challenges and to meet the needs of stakeholders. Social Responsibility is an integral part of the Group's strategy.

CSR Policy

Based on stakeholder expectations and business opportunities, we define a CSR strategy and long-term sustainable profitability. Through an in-depth materiality assessment based on the requirements of ISO 26000, we identified 4 sustainability priorities and 12 ambitions fully aligned and integrated with the group's strategy.

Christopher Guérin
“ As a global player in the cable industry, we contribute to improving the quality of life. This is a tremendous incentive to commit to sustainable and shared energy. But, all of this is only possible thanks to the internal policies that we have implemented that allow us to act in a responsible and sustainable manner and, in turn, better serve our customers. ”
Christopher Guérin

Our CSR policy also reflects the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and our commitment to the Global Compact, which brings together companies, professional organizations, universities, non-governmental organizations and representatives of the business world and civil society. The signing of this agreement in December 2008 further reinforced our desire to respect and implement the 10 fundamental principles in the areas of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.

CSR strategy: 4 priorities, 12 ambitions

The four priorities in Nexans' CSR strategy are divided into 12 ambitions that represent the issues on which the Group focuses its efforts.

To achieve these goals, there is supervision by dedicated representatives based on the 2018-2022 roadmap, which is structured around key performance indicators and their goals.

Integrating Social Responsibility into the Group's Strategy

To guide its CSR ambitions, the Group has established a governance structure dedicated to the subject, overseen by the CSR Department, which reports to the Group's Senior Corporate Vice President for Human Resources, responsible for Communications and CSR, and a member of the Executive Committee . The highest decision-making bodies and operational and support departments of the Group are closely involved in CSR governance. This is reflected in the commitment to integrate CSR into its strategy through various committees.

The CSR Committee chaired by Christopher Guérin, CEO, is composed of members of the Executive Committee (link to the executive committee). This committee meets at least once a year to define the CSR policy and evaluate the different initiatives. The CSR committee is divided into two councils:

CSR Governance

Chaired by David Dragone (Senior Corporate Vice President and Human Resources Director, and member of the Executive Committee) and Nino Cusimano (Senior Corporate Vice President and General Counsel and General Secretary and member of the Executive Committee).

This council works with a focus on topics such as: Governance, Ethics and Business Conduct, CSR Risks, Labor Relations, Human Capital, Internal Opinion Surveys, CSR Reports, Stakeholder Relations, CSR Communication, Nexans Foundation.

CSR performance

Chaired by Jérôme Fournier (Corporate Vice President for Innovation, Services and Growth and member of the Executive Committee), this council works focused on taking care of issues such as: Safety at work, Environmental Management and on-site audits, Recycling and Waste, Soil testing , Energy efficiency, Responsible Purchasing, Innovation and development of new products, life cycle assessment and ecological declarations, ecological design products, regulations on chemical products.

Acting with and for Nexans employees

Limiting the environmental impact of our business activity

Limiting the environmental impact of our products

Building strong and sustainable relationships with stakeholders

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