Cables de control

Cables de controlEstos cables blindados flexibles, de 2 a 100 conductores, transportan, al mismo tiempo, la energía (generalmente de 300 a 600 V) y las señales de baja frecuencia destinadas a controlar la unidad motor o el generador, para regular el posicionamiento de la góndola y la velocidad del rotor.

Nexans suministra a Escha los cables para los sistemas Vestas que controlan los pasos de las palas del rotor. Nuestros cables son diseñados para una vida útil de 20 años o más.

Estos cables forman parte de nuestras soluciones Windlink® diseñadas por Nexans para responder a las exigencias del mercado eólico.

Cables Solutions

Control cables
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These flexible shielded cables contain from 2 to 100 cores. They are used to carry both the energy (usually 300- 500 volts) and low-frequency signals to control the motor drive or the generator for breaking, positioning or optimizing rotor RPMs.

Control-command cables
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The progressive electrification of machinery, and the industry for electrical equipment and tools, creates an increasing demand
for mobile cables...

These cables are used in fixed installations or in installations or in environments were a high degree of flexibility is required.

Especially if control panels or other equipment is moved, these cables are most suitable.

The product range comprises cables which are suitable to interconnect most different applications from control and computer panels
down to lifts, material flow and automation equipment.

Control cables are exposed to a variety of mechanical and environmental stresses. Especially such as tension and pressure to cores
and change of length while bending.

These requirements are met by selecting most appropriate construction principles and state of the art conductor, insulation
and sheathing materials.

The degree of flexibility and...